Friday, January 2, 2009

To Be Unprepared for Life

Means you are also not prepared
for a serious relationship!

Often we take breakups personal. I mean, it is personal because it happened to you. However, if you really think about the factors that ended it, most of the time you will come to the conclusion that you and/or the other person just does not have it together yet. If you focus on that being the cause than you being it or the other person, you will begin to accept it. It's easier on the breakup if you place blame on the situation than the people involved.

Sometimes it's just that--- you were not ready. You are not even ready for the real world even if you are living in it. When you are in a serious relationship, you often think of marriage and that is a part of life you really must be prepared for. You must be able to step up to the plate and handle adult decisions with that person. But you have to know how to deal with adult decisions by yourself first.

It can work if you are just learning in the real world, but I think it takes a special couple to learn together and grow in the same direction with the same ideals. This also makes for a relationship with a rough road ahead. I do believe sometimes love conquers.

However, I just love it when I ask a guy "Why are you single?" and he explains "Well, because I am not financially stable yet." That's very mature, and that is a part of being prepared for life-- tho there is more to it than that. Not only should you be financially ready for life, but you gotta be mentally ready too.

Sometimes there's resentment and envy if you are dating someone that is prepared and you are seemingly lagging behind—you want to get someone equal to you in your stage of life and mindset. It's significantly important to understand that. It's also important for the other person to understand that as well. It's good to know each other long enough to find out what stages of life the two are in and if it will match. If you are not even close to where you want to be in life, you really have no business getting serious with anyone. It will only be the beginning to an end of your relationship in most cases.

"Start looking for you and then you can find your better half."

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  2. Seasons Greetings Marika,

    I truly appreciate and agree with the insight provided in this post. The topic is broad enough to address what many of us are faced with throughout our lives. Great job!

    It is particularly true in the case of entrepreneurs and upwardly mobile individuals that are focusing on their own growth and development.

    I will be sure to stay tuned and will continue to provide feedback whenever possible.

    Be well young lady

    Warm Regards,

    Lomax "Cue" Campbell

  3. As always very well written. As a single guy, I used to use the same line. And it cost me greatly. In my old age, now I understand. Sometimes it takes loss in order to learn.

  4. Did you get this from the conversation we had the other day? I sware this is on point. So many times we say we are ready for a relationship and we truly aren't. I am looking for a guy who is on the same path as me and one that i don't have to hold myself back because i feel guilty for leaving him behind. Kudos!!

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  6. Laretta, I am so glad you liked this and you think this was on point. You are right we need to find someone on the same page as us. It's so important!