Monday, November 16, 2009

Odd Number Ages

How We Commonly Feel When We Reach It!

This past Saturday it was my birthday and I didn't feel like I did the other years because I am at that odd age of 29 nearing age 30, however; when I was at that odd age of 21, I was so excited. And I have found that most people feel the same way as I do. Who gets excited about turning 30? I know I was not counting down those days but I counted down the days to 13 and 21 which are also odd numbers. Entering my teen years was exciting, then knowing I was legal to drink at 21 was exciting too. I know even some who do not drink or wish to drink that turning the legal age just confirms adulthood. It did for me at least, but I am now not sure why I wanted to be an adult so much. Don't get me wrong I love becoming more and more of a woman but I look back and miss being a teenager sometimes. I think I just took those years for granted.

It gives me an opportunity though, to teach the youth to not make some of the mistakes I did so they are not left feeling behind as I do today. I say that because there is so much I could have done. I know I can fix that by working toward a higher success before my next odd age which will be age 39. Therefore, I have ten long years to get it right. I guess that's the gift of age 29, you have the next ten years to make an odd year feel as exciting as age 21. Your women or manhood will be full of success and stability. Looking back knowing I took some of my years for granted I hope for the rest of my life to be treated as much more of a gift especially my last year being in my twenties.

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