Monday, December 6, 2010

The Pre-Date Killer

"Whipped Cream and Chocolate?"

Recently, I was considering going out on a date with someone. This one actually seemed like a "nice guy". I am beginning to think that I have this sign (that only guys can see) that says "Bad boys in disguise welcome." Anyways, well the date was put to a hold along with any communication because he did something before even going on the date that he shouldn't have. It's a shame because this guy has been pursuing me since the beginning of this year. I still think he could be a nice guy but perhaps not what I am looking for anymore. I am not going to sit here and play like I am an innocent little girl that doesn't do anything wrong or anything close to a prude. What I will say is that I am a lady and I deserve to be treated as such. And tho at this moment I am absolutely drained when it comes to men sometimes I think it's nice to have a sincere man to talk to now and again. I still believe there are good men out there and just some of the ones I chose happened to treat me like a rag doll because it's either what they do or something I put out there. Which brings me to what I feel can be the a huge pre-date killer.

Now read this carefully...

It doesn't matter if you are drunk or delirious from lack of sleep, it is not appropriate to tell a girl what you would like to do with her or how good you are before you even went on a date. Most of us don't care to know and will find it a turn off. It just gives us the perception that you just want us for sex. We already know it's probably on your mind before the date but to validate it will just make us think about it on the date which is very uncomfortable, to say the least.

So think about that the next time you ask a woman you really like out on a date. If the chemistry is there after the date then maybe you can bring up whipped cream and chocolate then, otherwise keep it to yourself because it's not amusing or classy.

Stay tuned for more pre-date killers... that even I actually have been guilty of. I have friends working on my relationship site so you never know next time you see me I might be on my own official site.

Thanks for reading!

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