Friday, October 9, 2009

New Age Courtship

It doesn't exist... at least not where many men are concerned!

There have been times I have been interested in a guy and said nothing. Why? Because I feel like if I have spent any time with the guy he should let me know how he feels first. Many of you would not agree but I feel like men are hunters and they should hunt for what or who they want not the women. I feel like in this new age is extinct because men are too lazy. I said this before but got feedback that men are just scared and we should find the courage to say something. That's all good but why would we do that when at any given moment you see the next girl getting chased to no end, when really any of us could be that girl. No girl is better than that next and we all deserve to feel desired and wanted--- we all should be chased. Since when should a woman court or chase a man? I think it all flipped when we as women got desperate or felt a sense of power approaching a man. I feel no power in that. I feel power in being approached and having the choice to say yes or no. It seems to take a real man to step up and tell a woman how he feels and then once accepted to take it even a step further and court her. That takes work. I personally have made it too easy for the man but I refuse to do that anymore. I was raised with certain values that this new age of dating has caused me to deny. I won't anymore-- I can't. I loved my values and as much as I want to feel loved and wanted I just can't do that anymore. I guess that's the process in learning to love yourself.

After the conversation I had with a friend of mine suggesting that I go after the man I want--- the little light bulb in my head turned on and said "No." Most of the time if I am interested in someone it's only because I have gotten to know them-- I am very mental that way. If he has gotten to know me in the same and does not have that same interest or want to express it then so be it--- for me it just wasn't meant to be because I want a man that is strong and full of courage, not scared. And definitely not scared of me of all people. Some women love to be aggressive and that is okay, it's just not for me and the values that was placed on me from my parents. Like I said, I have decided to refuse to go against that for any man or fear of loneliness anymore. I just wish more women would force men to chase them and court them, then maybe they would have no excuse anymore and we as women would not have to complain about chivalry being dead and such. After all, we partially killed it!

So with all that said...

What is the "New Age Courtship"? Obviously a man waiting for a woman to court him.

For the men out there reading: Senseless/random flirting or innuendos does not count for approaching a woman. Most of us will flirt back even if we not interested so that doing that will get you nowhere.

Video will be added soon... stay tuned!

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  1. Looks like I am going to be the first to comment. The game hun..has been changed by what WE as a society view as POWER. Financial power is being touted in everyday lifestyle that taints ALL of us and our way of thinking..example...TO SEE A WOMAN like you in a club...PRETTY, CONFIDENT, SEXY, DESIREABLE...i then ask myself...CAN I AFFORD HER....IS she a GOLD DIGGER....not fair...I know..but it's how a lot of are trained to be...but say I do have it going on $$ thoughts...HMMMM...Nice...but is she WORTH me going to her when she should be coming to me....after all....I GOT WHAT SHE WANTS...$$. From experience this is something I hear..and see....YOU may not be that woman...or you may..I don't know you...but the truth is...we are all lost...we can be lazy..or you can be like me...jump no matter what and see what's popping...As far as courting..DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT REALLY IS? DO YOU KNOW WHAT DATING REALLY IS? Most don't. And that in itself is another problem....but i'll give you a quick explanation.....DATING: NO LIMITATIONS....SEE WHO YOU WANT HOW YOU WANT...WHEN YOU WANT...ANSWER TO NOONE..BUT BE HONEST...ABOUT YOUR OTHER RELATIONSHIPS WITH THOSE YOU WOMAN...INTIMACY IS INVOLVED....YOU ROMANCE...WINE DINE....TREAT LIKE A QUEEN....SHOW DEVOTION, DEDICATION, you earn her admiration...NEXT STEP...marriage...( yikes ) lol....anyway...I hope i made sense....great blog....I have to link you to mine when I remember my password...LMAO...

  2. Oh you commented here! Thanks.... people for some reason rarely comment here and do it on my facebook which the blog is there too. I am glad you loved my blog. I really love your comment here. And should be shared on my facebook one because there were men fighting the whole idea. Maybe you can teach them a thing or two.

  3. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll just come right out and say it directly: While I have no problem admitting that I'm totally old-fashioned on the entire "chase" thing, I'll say that even though I'm comfortable in my own skin, there's times when I don't feel as confident in approaching some women. I have had my share of what I call "Kevin Arnold moments", after the lead character in the old TV show, "The Wonder Years". But as awkward as it sometimes gets, even when I'm well past my 20s, its far more preferable to me than the show being on the other foot. --rr