Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Male Life

Should Women Complain?

It is no secret that to us it definitely is not easy being a woman. From the moment we turn around age 11 or 12, when we get our periods is apparent that our lives are not going to be easy ones. However, most of us embrace the beauties of being female. I could go on and on to list reasons proving why our lives are difficult and why should we be appreciated, but I would like to for men to share the difficulties of being male. I have heard time and time again, that it's not easy being a man either. Since I am not one I can't really speak upon that nor can I imagine it. And in all honesty most of us think men have it pretty easy compared to what we go through.

What I do know is that all of us male or female should be appreciated more as human beings. I know most of us do want to be appreciated more and the first step is to understand each of our gender differences and awkwardness in our common growth of life.

With that said... any of you that are of the male species please share your story and tell us what you have found is hard being a man.

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  1. As a man the one thing that I have learned this year is that women are EMOTIONAL! Woman expect men to be the bread winner. It goes back to when our ancestors were living in caves.

    I was talking to a man about work and he told me that it has been tough the last year. He has a $250,000 business that is not doing well now and it is hard for him to keep the doors open on a business that he has had for over 25 years. Through the recent tough months his wife had to pick-up the slack of being the main bread winner while he was getting his business back on track. When times were good, the man was bringing home the bacon and all was great in the heavens but now that she has had to pick-up the slack she has given him an ultimatum that if he doesn't turn it around, he will need to leave.

    What happened to all the years that he was the main providor, does that not count! This is also the story I have heard from another gentleman. This is the burden of a being a man having expectations even when those expectations have hit a snag. What happened to the term partnership? This is one of the items that is tough sometimes being a man.

  2. Having not been a woman, I guess I can't say that there is anything specifically difficult about being a man. I guess we both have problems.
    I tend to be thankful that I live in country where most people have a chance. You're a very long time dead as they say so I try and hope to make the best of it.

    And fastnickel... speak for yourself. You are a chauvinist.

  3. I'll make this as simple as possible. The toughest thing about being a man or a woman is that we both can be selfish people. It is easy to engage your own feelings, likes and dislikes or to become consumed by your personal physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual challenges in life.
    We make it tough for the opposite sex when we place the expectation on them to understand what we are going through at the time we are going through it. We waste so much time trying to figure out the opposite sex. It's not necessary to understand completely what someone else is going through. What IS necessary is the ability to sympathize with someone even though you may not understand.
    The reality is that men and women will never truly understand one another. The only way to understand something completely is to experience it, and since we will never experience all the same things, especially due to our physical make-up, then it is important that we just accept our differences. There's not enough explaining in the world that will help a man understand what women go through, and vice versa.
    When we both decide to accept one another as we are and get away from comparing women and men, then we may be able to make more progress. Is it necessary to have to understand why someone is going through what they are in order to love them and help them through their hardships? No. You do what you can to help make the situation more bearable just because someone is in need. It is no different when it comes to relationships between men and women and what is acknowledged as "tough" for both sexes. There is no way for a man to ever understand what women go through physically throughout their lives. He can only accept that it is challenging for them and not downplay it in any way. A woman may never understand the mental strain a man has to deal with when there is so much expected of him from society, his race/culture, and yes, even from women. She needs only to accept the fact that he is trying and allow him room to fail/succeed in his own way.

    Now, with all that said, think about what would happen if both men and women took the humble approach and placed the other sex's feelings and issues before their own. This is when communication begins to open up. A man will ask a woman how she's feeling and if/how she would like for him to help, instead of automatically trying to fix her problem. A woman will allow a man some space to breathe when he walks in the door from a long day at work, instead of bombarding him with her own concerns and needs.
    It is equally as important for us to be forgiving of the opposite sex if/when they don't understand our life's struggles. Yes, this is difficult, especially when you are in the midst of experiencing one of those "tough" situations, but once you are at least settled, then talk about it and acknowledge each other's feelings show some appreciation for each other.
    Maybe my angle on this may be a bit surreal, but I do know that each friendship/relationship will be different, and that the ability to communicate your needs and your ability to meet another's needs is vital to the growth and success of that friendship/relationship.


  4. I dont think its necessarily more difficult being a man but i will say that we have more responsibilities. Ill list a few of them here:

    1. We have to take care of our woman and family mentally, spiritually, and financially.

    2. We have to go out and legally make enough money to have a comfortable life which was difficult before the recession but even harder now.

    3. Last but not least we have to remember to put the toilet seat down.

  5. Madd Blogger:

    You are so funny! I think you are a just a good man to say you have to do those things because these days (non traditionally) you don't have to do squat. There's a lot of men in my generation that don't do those things. In fact more and more women are doing what men do, work, take care of the family. I think women take care of their men mentally more. You know they always say there's a good woman behind a good/successful man.

    So that can be looked at both ways.

    You are on your own with the toilet seat. hahaha.


  6. Thanks for subscribing Madd Blogger. I will check out your page when I get back from work!

  7. Are you kidding? I LOVE being a guy. My decisions are based more on logic than emotion. I pee standing up. OK, yeah, so we can get some rejection from women, but I'd much prefer that to menstruating and childbearing.

    That being said, I love women. They're smart, they multitask better, and they are better at going with their gut feelings.

    Truly, the differences are beautiful. In my world, the differences are WELCOMED. I have nothing against gays, but I have no idea how they can make that work.